Fibreglass Flat Roofs Macclesfield


Fibreglass Flat Roofing

Looking for a secure and hard-wearing solution for repairing your flat roof? GRP fibreglass roofing is a popular roofing system that is renowned for its high-quality waterproofing, long life and attractive look.

This single-ply laminate is made from a composite material produced by using fine fibres of glass to strengthen a plastic layer. With much longer lifespan than felt roofs, GRP fibreglass roofing is ideal for buildings, but has also been used widely in boats and lorries due to its waterproof qualities.

GRP fibreglass roofing is very cost-effective because, with a small amount of care and the correct installation, it can last for at least 30 years without any noticeable deterioration.

Also, unlike a traditional felt roofing solution, GRP fibreglass roofing has no joins or seams, greatly reducing the likelihood of water seeping through. They are easy to maintain too, with only a brush and a hose down needed every now and again to keep them looking as good as new.

Easy to install and look after, we highly recommend GRP fibreglass roofing to our customers looking to repair their flat roof. Enquire today by filling in our submission form, and we’ll get in touch with a free quote!

All our flat roofing services come with a 15-20 year guarantee.

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